ICANN Accredited registrar

As ICANN-accredited registrar, Metaregistrar has direct connections to all the registries worldwide. This gives our customers the lowest possible pricing, and the fastest response to their domain name requests. And if there is a problem with your domain name, we have a direct link to solve it.

Competitive pricing

Since we get our domain names directly from the source, there are no in-between fees from other registrars. Contact our sales team if you have a large portfolio, and we can offer you the lowest prices.

Portfolio management

With all the new top-level domain names it gets increasingly difficult to manage your portfolio of domain names. Who will tell you if someone registers a domain name with your trademark in one of these new tld’s? We will.

Frontrunner in new TLD’s

Many new top-level domains have been added the last couple of years, and many will follow. We believe in the power of the long tail, and will keep on adding these TLD’s to our portfolio as soon as they hit the market. Because you might need one of them.

Easy way of selling your
second hand domainnames

Do you know the value of your domain name portfolio? Which domain names might be sold with a profit, which domain names can better be deleted? Metaregistrar will help you maintain your portfolio and make the most out of it. With state-of-the art tooling and fast-response service.

Lightning fast domaincheck

If you offer domain name registration services to your customers, you know that the list of domain names to check is endless. And the attention span of your customer is limited. Metaregistrar offers its clients a lighting-fast javascript domain check, that will check hundreds of domain names in a few seconds. The script will even tell you if there are other domain names better matching the search query.

The Metaregistrar domaincheck checks faster than my customers can scroll their page!

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