Unified registration process

Metaregistrar offers a state-of-the art webinterface for domain name registration and maintenance. And for those clients that need automation, an EPP service that gives you a standardized entry to any domain name worldwide. No matter what extra's the registry wants from their registrars, we hide the clutter for you. Because you just want to create domain names.


We believe in DNSSEC as the starting point for new, secure DNS services, that can add many important features to the domain names of your clients. The new options are almost there, but they need DNSSEC to be implemented. We are ready, are you?

IPV6 support

The internet is still growing. And fast. With the internet of things now just around the corner, the need for a large internet address book with names and numbers is larger than ever. IPv6 is not an option any more, it is standard. At least with us it is.

IDN support

Nowadays, more domain names are registered in Asia than in Europe or the USA. Many of the new domain name owners do not use US-ASCII for their primary language needs. For those registries that recognize this need and offer Internationalized Domain Names, we support that.

Pre registration support

In case you have not noticed, many new top-level domain names were added to the internet last couple of years. We believe in the power of the long tail, and will offer every one of those extensions where possible. We just want you or your client to get the best possible domain name for your business.


The domain name market is changing, from a new product market into an aftermarket. Either via dropcatching, premium domain name sales or for-sale domain names, the Metaregistrar interfaces help you to get just that top-domain name for your customer.

Metaregistrar offers a two-factor secure login to the registration backend. My portfolio is safe.

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