Metaregistrar EPP documentation

PHP EPP client

This code will provide you with a fully functional EPP client to connect to the Metaregistrar EPP Service.

All code is organized in objects, so connecting to a new registry is just a matter of object re-use and extension.

Example scipts in the main directory:

checkdomain.php - check one domain name timeddomaincheck.php - check multiple domain names and check how fast the registry is registerdomain.php - register a domain name changepassword.php - change EPP password infodomain.php - get information on a domain name modifydomain.php - update a domain name with new info createcontact.php - create a contact object updatecontact.php - update contact details of a created contact object registerdomain.php - register a domain name in general availability phase signdomain.php - DNSSEC sign a domain name poll.php - list registry poll messages and confirm a message

How to use this client

  • Check out the latest version from github
  • Use the Examples/checkdomain.php and create a connection to your favorite registry (for example eppConnection->create('settingsfile'))
  • Create a settings.ini in with the following contents: interface=metaregEppConnection hostname=ssl:// port=7000 userid=xxxxxxxx password=xxxxxxxxx
  • Now, checkdomain.php should be functioning and checking domains.

If you do not want to use settings.ini files in the Registries directory, you can create a connection as follows: $conn = Metaregistrar\EPP\eppConnection::create('path-to-settings.ini');

Or set all parameters individually: $conn = Metaregistrar\EPP\metaregEppConnection(); $conn->setHostname('ssl://'); // Hostname may vary depending on the registry selected $conn->setPort(7000); // Port may vary depending on the registry selected $conn->setUsername('xxxxxxxx'); $conn->setPassword('xxxxxxxxx');

Where to find

Click here for the latest version of our PHP epp client.