Metaregistrar EPP documentation

Host commands

To create ,modify or retrieve contact information you need to use a host command. These use the urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:host-1.0 namespace with prefix host

Unlike the way that many registries operate, in Metaregistrar the host commands are used only for creating authorative nameserver records, also known as glue records.

Almost all domain names in the world use nameservers that are owned by hosting company or internet service provider. In this case the domain name can be created with the nameserver names of the provider, and the creation of host objects is not necessary.

Glue records are used very rarely, when a clients wants to create nameservers for a domain name that the client owns him(or her)self. For example if the client owns the domain name and wants to create the nameserver,the registration would require a glue record. In this case, nameserver serves the IP addresses for its own domain name, so ordinary DNS lookup of the nameserver does not work. That is why hosts created with host:create commands always need one or more IP addresses associated with the hostname.

In the race cas that you need to check or create host names, please use the following commands:

Please note that for ordinary domain name registrations, where nameservers of a third party are used, there is no need to use host:check or host:create commands. Just specify the respective nameservers in the domain:create command.