Metaregistrar EPP documentation

API Specification

These documents contain the information you need to create a connection to Metaregistrar from scratch. For ease of use a PHP EPP client is provided.


We adhere to the EPP RFCs with some exceptions. These exceptions are defined in the RFC exceptions chapter This is a list of the RFC-57XX epp specification:

Supported IETF EPP extensions

We support the following extensions:

  • SecDNS-1.1
  • RGP-1.0

Metaregistrar-specific EPP extensions

We additionally support these extensions:

  • Metaregistrar-command-ext-1.0
  • Metaregistrar-command-ext-contact-1.0
  • Metaregistrar-command-ext-domain-1.0
  • Metaregistrar-command-ext-host-1.0
  • Metaregistrar-common-1.0
  • Metaregistrar-ext-1.0
  • Metaregistrar-polldata-1.0

XSD files

You can use these files to validate your xml requests and the responses you receive back from us.

RFC Exceptions

We differ in some places from the RFC. These differences are:

Host Delete

  • Host delete commands are not currently supported.

We do not support the trademark extension

  • The trademark extension is currently not supported.

We do not support the launchphase extension

  • The Launchphase extension is currently not supported.

RGP is supported for all tlds not just GTLDs

  • Instead of our own extension to "restore" domains you can use the RGP extension to restore all domains.

Requesting auth token for .BE domains

  • If you need to request an email with the autorization token for a domainname with the .be TLD you can retrieve it using the command-ext-domain:info command extension.
  • To learn more about this check out the example code