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As a specialist in domain name registration services, Metaregistrar maintains a portfolio over 1.000.000 domain names for its customers. ICANN accredited registrar with direct access to many the top-level domain registries worldwide.

Why Metaregistrar?

DNS as a service,
client and servers

For only a small fee per domain name, Metaregistrar can setup your own worldwide anycast DNS service, under your own nameserver names. An easy-to-add client ensures that your customers can maintain their own DNS settings for their domain names.

Competitive pricing, increase your revenue

With direct access to all world-wide registries, Metaregistrar offers the lowest prices. No special fees or setup cost. Post-paid invoicing.

Lightning fast domaincheck

Use our javascript domain check to get the fastest results ever. Our check will fire your domain name check requests to several different parties and offer you the one that answers first. The result is hundreds of checks within a few seconds.

Reliable Service 99,9% uptime

The Metaregistrar systems are always up. Even if a registry has maintenance, our systems will catch your domain name requests and process them as soon as the registry is back.

Our test services are also always up. Because we know a serious customer tests often.

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