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04/11/2013 15:12

Metaregistrar releases EPP tool for SIDN order period changes

In September 2013, SIDN announced major changes to their invoicing system. As of october 2013, each registrar can alter domain names to indicate if they want 1-month, 3-month or 12-month invoicing. This can be done via the SIDN web interface, but also automated via EPP.

Registrars with small portfolios do not use EPP, but have too many domain names to alter them all via the web interface. For these registrars, we have released a tool that will connect to EPP and do the work for you.

02/07/2013 14:07

Wanted: Sales support officer .FRL

The .FRL domain name extension is a new extension for the Frisian region in The Netherlands. Our customers will be the hosting companies that offer the .FRL extension to their customers. We are searching for a modern Frisian inhabitant that can help us communicating, acquiring customers and selling domain names.

20/06/2013 12:48

Metaregistrar signs exclusive .ML agreement

In May 2013, Metaregistrar has signed an agreement with Freedom Registry for an exclusive partnership to sell .ML domain names in The Netherlands and Belgium. .ML is the domain extension for Mali, a republic in Central Africa. .ML domains are already on the internet for registration since 1993.


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